Jukebox Comedy Club – 8-12-11

Live from Mason City LIMITS

Live from Mason City LIMITS – Multi-Angle
“Dr. Gonzo Sterilizes the Crowd”

Old Skool

Alex Bennett’s Comedy Tonight mid 80s

Huey Lewis & the News – If This Is It (Scroll to 1:56 – Kinda mean to Huey….)


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  1. Dr. G, I heard on B & T that you were dustin off the chops! Good on ya! I’ll never forget, I was a part time DJ in DSM, IA and found your cassette on the shelf of the MD’s office. I stole it and listened to it over and over. Your comedy and musical talent floored me! I only wish I still had that tape. Do you have any material for sale? I would kill to get that early 90’s audio back. Best of luck in all you do, you truly have a gift and thanks for sharing it! oh oho oh I’m on FIRE.

  2. Hello Dr. Gonzo! I’ve been looking for over FIFTEEN YEARS for a recording of your cover of Yes’ “Roundabout” where you intentionally screw up the last note of an otherwise perfect intro . That bit is one of the funniest things I have ever heard!

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